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Carpet Fresh® has been keeping carpets fresh since 1976. Even when your carpet is clean, trapped odors may linger. Carpet Fresh penetrates deep to eliminate those odors right at the source.

Carpet Fresh products are right for everyone who wants to create a pleasant home environment that’s a joy to be in – and can even be used to bring that fresh scent to carpet in cars, boats, RVs . . . anywhere carpet is, Carpet Fresh can go!

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Pet Lovers Rejoice!

Callout - Pet Lovers

Just because you have pets, doesn't mean you have to smell them when they're not around. Eliminate pet odors easily!

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Quick-Dry Foam

Callout - No Vac

Carpet Fresh Quick-Dry Foam is a revolutionary carpet refresher. Just foam it on and odors are gone!

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Carpet Fresh Powder

Callout - Powder

Carpet Fresh Powder Rug and Room Deodorizer allows you to add a personal touch to your home with one of its ten long-lasting scents.

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