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Even when your carpet is clean, everyday smells like pet odors,
smoke, cooking and musty/stale odors get trapped in carpet fibers and make it smell dirty. Carpet Fresh® Rug and Room Deodorizers eliminate the odors trapped in your carpet.

Choose from an array of scents and two different applications: Powder and Quick-Dry Foam.

*Neutra Air® is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benkiser, Inc.

Product - Combined - Apple Cin - Full

Apple Cinnamon

Breathe in a fall day at the apple orchard

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Country Pot - THumb

Country Potpourri

Capture the outdoor freshness of the country

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Fresh Scent - Thumb

Fresh Scent

Light and clean

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Gardenia - Product Thumb


A fresh bouquet of gardenias everyday

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Honeysuckle Powder - Th Product


A fresh summer breeze, hinting of honeysuckle

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Monring Rain - Small TH

Morning Rain

The freshness of a spring morning after a rainfall

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Mt Essence - Prod Thumb

Mountain Essence

Capture the freshness of crisp, clean mountain air indoors

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Neutra Air - Prod Thumb

Neutra Air* for Pets

Neutralize pet odors while you vacuum

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Super Pet - Thumb

Super Pet

Eliminate pet odors instantly

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Pet Lovers Rejoice!

Callout - Pet Lovers

Just because you have pets, doesn't mean you have to smell them when they're not around. Eliminate pet odors easily!

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Watch a demonstration of the many uses of Carpet Fresh, an easy-to-use carpet and room odor eliminator.

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